People vs. Tasks

30 06 2008

Are you a people person? Or do you bury yourself in tasks?

If you are like me, you have a list of things to get done each week. Sundays come around with startling regularity, and making sure everything is set for the weekend is a major task. It’s important. It must be done.

I find myself annoyed when I’m interrupted. Don’t these people know I am busy? I have to get ready for the services. I am doing all this work so they will have a good worship experience. Why won’t they let me get my work done?

I have to stop myself. I have to remind myself that ministry isn’t about doing stuff, it’s about impacting people, helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. I have to remember that ministry doesn’t stop when the service ends. While tasks are important, people are not interruptions… they are the reason I have a job. They are the people God has called me to minister to. My ministry job should never get in the way of actual ministry.




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