Firing People as an Act of Stewardship

21 07 2008

No one likes to fire someone. It’s a hard thing to do. Coming to the place where you decide that a player isn’t working for the team is difficult, and actually letting that person go is not any easier. It is, however, a very important thing to do. If you have a person on staff that isn’t working out, letting them go is actually an act of stewardship.

Every ministry has limited resources. A staff member that isn’t working out not only is taking home a salary that should be going to another person that can do the job, but they are likely creating extra work for other staff, causing friction, and generally hampering efficiency. Firing them is a good thing for the health of the ministry.

But aren’t we a ministry? Shouldn’t we minister to this staff person?

Yes, but if the ministry isn’t effective, you can’t minister to as many people. You can’t do what God has called you to do as well. It is simply poor stewardship to keep a staff member that is hindering ministry. I am not talking about someone that needs a little training, or that could be coached up. I’m talking about someone that you know won’t work out.

Cutting them loose is good for them, allowing them to go on to a place where God can use their talents and abilities. It is also good stewardship for your ministry. For your team to be most effective, you need people that are working together, effectively. Keeping an ill-fitted staff member around will cause all kinds of trouble, and ultimately hinder ministry.

While you may want to help the staff member, you must fire them if they cannot do the job. You can continue to help them after they don’t work for you, but you need to clear their position so you can begin to find someone that can do the job. It’s hard, but it’s true. Anything less is poor stewardship of the resources God has given you.




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