23 07 2008

If you are like me, finding an easy way to get files larger than 5MB to someone by email is difficult. if you don’t have an ftp site set up, you may find yourself trying to get by email file limits. Even if you do have an ftp site, your recipient may not know how to log in.

A year or so ago I stumbled onto a site called I found it again, and have been using it often around church. Basically, for free, you can upload a file up to 100MB and email a simple click and download link to up to 100 people. The file will remain up for 7 days. And you have a maximum of 1GB of bandwidth each month.

If you need more they offer 3 higher levels of service for a fee.

But for my purposes, sending over a picture or video that needs to be reviewed is super simple, and even the most technically challenged people can download the file. Recently, a large team went overseas for a mission trip, and realized that they had forgotten several videos. We converted them to h.264 QT files, and used to deliver them around the world.

Check it out at




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